I love using dollar store holiday notepads and novelty erasers to make fast and fun learning activities for math and ELA. They are easy and inexpensive to make since you do not have to spend hours coloring and cutting.  I laminate the activities for durability and have found that they can be used for several years.


I have always enjoyed incorporating holiday themes into my academic instruction.  It has been my experience that the activities keep little learners engaged.



I purchase notepads and erasers at various dollar stores, Target, and Walmart. The notepads and erasers I used for this post came from Target.



I like using designs that have a big field of white for color words activities.  This ghost notepad is perfect for a color words activity!



Write color words on notepad pages with a black marker.  Use corresponding color markers to make color swatches on the pages.  You may choose to draw objects in corresponding colors.  The color swatches are better suited to my artistic capabilities, but I am aware that most people are better artists than I.



Cut the pages into 2 pieces to make a matching activity. I like to use a paper cutter for convenience and to make neat uniform cuts.  If you prefer to make your activities so that on the correct pieces match like a puzzle, you may use scissors to cut each page in a random fashion. You may use curves, zigzags, or slanted lines to make each puzzle.  You may choose to use the puzzle method for the other matching activities in this post.



You now have a fun Halloween color word activity to share with your little learners.

Novelty mini erasers are a fun way to count and offer opportunities for fine motor development, too.


I wrote number words on these Halloween kitty notepads pages. Little learners place the correct number of cat erasers on each page.


I love candy corn for fall and Halloween. So many people kept posting pictures on social media of their candy corn erasers this year. Of course I wanted candy corn erasers badly.  I made multiple trips surrounding towns looking for candy corn erasers to no avail so I had to resort to using real candy corn for this number sense activity.


I wrote numerals on these Halloween candy notepad pages.  Learners place the correct number of candy corn pieces on each page.



I thought these haunted houses needed bats flying overhead so I wrote numerals on the pages beside the houses.


Learners place the correct number of bats over the haunted houses on each page.


I decided these Halloween Kitty notepad pages would also make fun alphabet matching activities. I wrote an upper case and lower case letter on each page.


I cut the pages into two pieces to make an upper and lower case letter matching activity.


I decided to also make a sight word matching activity with the Halloween candy notepad pages.


Cut the pages into two pieces to make a sight word matching activity.


I hope you and your learners enjoy these activities.


Happy Halloween!


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