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10 Fabulous FREEBIES for Morning Tubs from Kamp Kindergarten

Gone are the days of little learners entering the classroom, taking supplies from their back packs, and sitting down to a morning worksheet.  Educators are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of a soft start to the day.  Morning tubs are the perfect way to provide a soft start that your little learners will love.

There are various approaches to morning tubs. They can be open ended or have a specific result in mind. They may be STEM or STEAM activities or other academic tasks.  They may or may not utilize recording sheets.

For morning tubs I prefer not to use recording pages.  I have found that with differing arrival times many students may not have time to complete the recording pages.  I would then have to decide if they should be required to complete it later.  I think requiring them to complete the recording pages later makes the morning tub just another assignment.  At some point that makes the morning tubs no longer a soft start.

I think that allowing them to leave the recording page unfinished unwittingly sends the message that the morning tubs are not important.  Plus it could reinforce poor work habits for learners who already experience difficulty completing written assignments. I decided that I wanted morning tubs to be a positive way to start the day with opportunities for social interaction, fine motor development, and stress free academic tasks.

Here are links to 10 Fabulous Freebies for Kindergarten and First Grade Morning Tubs!

These fun clip cards have ten frames for bus windows.  Little learners select the correct numeral (0 – 10) for the ten frames on the bus.  They are great for Back to School but can be used at any time during the school year.  Click HERE.

These cards allow little learners to match numerals (0 – 10) to a tally marks representation of the quantity.  This activity can also be used as an ordering activity to put the cards in numerical order. They can be used as a Back to School activity or at any time during the year.  Click HERE.

Your little happy campers select the correct numeral (0 to 20) for the quantities represented by the ten frames on these camping themed clip cards.  They are a fun math activity for a classroom camp out day, but can be used at any time during the year.  Click HERE.

Around the Room activity cards can be adapted to use in Morning Tubs. Little learners thread letter beads on chenille stems (pipe cleaners) to spell the CVCe Words from this ocean themed Write the Room activity. An optional recording page is included.  Click HERE.

Little learners select the correct sum on these farm themed addition clip cards. An optional recording page is included.  Click HERE.

These clip cards have CVC words printed at the top.  Little learners select the picture that corresponds to the CVC word.  Click HERE.

Task cards can be placed in 4 X 6 dollar store photo albums to make dry erase Write & Wipe activities.  Use an inexpensive black glove as an eraser.

Cards from this pirate themed Domino Add the Room activity make a great Morning Tub Write & Wipe math addition activity. They are perfect for Talk Like a Pirate Day, but can also be used at any time during the year.  Click HERE.

Little learners select the correct difference in this beach themed subtraction clip card activity.  An optional recording page is included.  Click HERE.

These apple number puzzles are a fun number sense activity for numerals to 20.  Little learners match numerals to quantities represented by counting fingers/hands. These puzzles work well with autumn/fall, farm, harvest, or apple themes, but can also be used at any time during the year.  Click HERE.

Write letters on seashells or other objects to make words for Spell the Room activities.  Cards from this CVC Spell the Room resource can be used with lettered seashells to adapt this ELA Around the Room activity for Morning Tub use.  Click HERE.

Helpful tip: The marks will not come off the seashells.  Please keep that in mind when selecting seashells for lettering.

I hope you and your learners enjoy these morning tub activities.

Kamp Kindergarten

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Kamp Kindergarten Spring Math Task Cards FREEBIE Featured in the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter

Spring Numerals to 20 FREEBIE pink pouch Camper watermark copy

I am excited to share that Teachers Pay Teachers shared my Spring Numerals to 20 Clip Cards FREEBIE in this week’s newsletter!


Click HERE

This mental math resource has daffodil and domino graphics. Using dominoes is a fun way for little learners to practice subitizing.  Subitizing is a fundamental mathematical skill that builds a strong foundation for development of number sense. I have selected domino graphics with groupings of five to represent the quantities to help build an understanding of place value.

This resource is special to me because daffodils, or jonquils as they are called by many country people, remind me of my late grandmother.  She was well known in our little rural community for her love of jonquils.  Everyone knew who lived in the big old yellow house with yellow jonquils in the yard and a yellow Volkswagen Beetle ® in the garage.

Spring Numerals to 20 FREEBIE 4 cards vertical camper watermark copy

These clip cards address Counting and Cardinality Standards while offering bonus opportunities for fine motor development. I think this is important in light of the recent findings that many young children enter school with deficits in fine motor development due to excessive screen time on electronic devices.

The answer selections may also be marked with seasonal erasers, pennies, buttons, dry beans, pom-poms, or other household items.

Spring Numerals to 20 FREEBIE 16 Photo Album camper watermark copy

The cards may be placed in a dollar store photo album and used with dry erase markers to create a write and wipe activity. Use an inexpensive black glove or old sock as an eraser.  Old socks work well, but I prefer using a glove.  Kids love using a glove, too.  I like that putting the glove on gives little learners an additional opportunity for motor development.  In many areas of the country children have little experience with gloves.  Using the gloves allows little learners in warmer climates an opportunity to learn to put on gloves.


Here is the link to the Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter:
Teachers Pay Teachers Newsletter Volume 511:Grades PreK-5

Here is the link to Spring Numerals to 20 FREEBIE:

Spring Numerals to 20 Clip Card FREEBIE


I hope you and your learners enjoy these activities.

Happy Spring!

Kamp Kindergarten



Winter CVC No-Prep Printables FREEBIE from Kamp Kindergarten

Have you downloaded the Winter CVC No-Prep Printables FREEBIE from Kamp Kindergarten? Learners write the missing vowel for the CVC words that are printed under the pictures.

Just download, print, and use!  Click HERE!!!

These pages are great for literacy centers, informal assessment, and take home practice.

Have a Wonderful Winter!

Kamp Kindergarten


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A Christmas Number Sense FREEBIE from Kamp Kindergarten!!!

This FREE number sense resource provides an inviting Christmas clip card math center for little learners to practice using ten frames to determine quantities to 20.  Great for morning tubs, early finishers, informal assessment, and take home practice!

I hope you and your learners enjoy this activity.

Merry Christmas!

Kamp Kindergarten

Celebrating Kamp Kindergarten’s 400th Resource with a Follower FREEBIE


I am excited to announce that I have posted the 400th resource on TpT for Kamp Kindergarten. Next month also marks my 4th TpT-versary. To celebrate the occasion, I want to offer something to my followers and buyers to show my appreciation.


Put adhesive magnetic circles on back of the puzzles to use as a magnetic activity on a dollar store cookie sheet.


These puzzles are great for morning tubs, early finishers, math centers, and take home practice.


Thank you for your purchases, support, and feedback. I appreciate each and everyone of you. Without you, I would not have had this amazing journey. I hope to continue to grow and learn new things to continue to bring you engaging developmentally appropriate activities to share with your learners. I hope you and your little friends enjoy these puzzles.

Kamp Kindergarten

Easter FREEBIE: Easter Egg Fun Subtract the Room

Easter freebie complete with camper pic copy

Are your little learners ready for spring break?  Are they having difficulty staying focused?  A Roam the Room activity may be just what they need to expend some of that extra energy while still addressing academic skills.

I have a FREE Round the Room math activity to share.  Easter Egg Fun Subtract the Room will get your little ones up and engaged in mastering subtraction facts to 10.

Easter subtract the room freebie record page and easter pencil with camper copy

Just print the cards and copy the recording pages.  Learners carry a clipboard with the record sheet and a pencil as they search the classroom for the task cards.  They record their responses in the correct spaces on the page.

Easter subtract the room freebie with camper copy

I hope that you and your learners enjoy this activity.

Happy Easter!

Kamp Kindergarten

Winter FREEBIE: Penguin Dot Paint Ten Frames

2016-01-03_16-04-47_88 winter peach freebie with camper copyPenguin Dot Paint Ten Frames FREEBIE

Here is a fun FREE math activity to keep your little learners engaged on a long winter day.  To get the most out of instructional time and learning resources, I love to address more than one area with a single activity.  This resource addresses counting skills and enhances fine motor development.

Just download this no-prep printable from the link above.  Put some paint in a small plate and add a cotton swab.  This fun math activity is now ready to use!

2016-01-03_16-03-38_81 with camper watermark copy

I hope you and your learners enjoy this resource!

Stay warm and safe!

Kamp Kindergarten

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