This FREE packet is designed to give learners one week of addition facts within 10 at home practice pages to be used for Distance Learning situations during emergency school closings due to weather conditions, health crises such as the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, or other states of emergency. There are 5 ink-saving no-prep printable pages in this resource.

I made the Terms of Use very friendly for emergency situations. Permission is granted to copy and send home the pages. If it is not possible to provide hard copies, learners can copy the problems from a device screen and solve the equations on paper. This can also offer opportunity for some fine motor enhancement during a time when children are completing mostly digital assignments. The entire zip file may be emailed to families or posted on school district or classroom websites following the directions stipulated in the Terms of Use included in the download.

This resource helps learners develop addition fluency and supports the Math Common Core Standards for Operations and Algebraic Thinking.

I hope these pages are helpful to you, your learners, and their families. I wish everyone the best during their time of stress and turmoil.

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